I’m chugging away like a madman on the second draft of My Last Days, editing out long unneeded parts, making my characters stronger and solidifying the story itself.

By my math, I’m about 30% done with the second draft and Lauren (my editor extraordinaire) is ready in the wings for when I’m done and will tackle her part. I’m hoping to sit down with her and show her the app I’ve been using to write in, in hopes that we can both work in the same application to make life that much easier for me. Thinking back about how we did it with “track changes” in Microsoft Word last time is giving me anxiety all around. It was daunting and time consuming and to be honest, I hated every second of it.

My goal is to be done editing by mid-January to hand it over to Lauren and let her churn away at her process and then hit the ground running for the final draft.

I’m hoping I can have this done and published by mid-May again, which’d put me at the exact year mark since A Sour Chord went on sale. If I can churn out a book per year, I’m pretty happy with myself.

If you’re interested in checking out My Last Days (as it stands now) to offer some feedback, reach out (either via the Contact form above, or Twitter or Facebook) and I’ll hook you up with a copy!

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