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M. JandreauM. Jandreau wears many hats. On any given day you can find him doing any number of things, from playing the drums, to reading, to writing, playing video games, watching movies, building websites. It’s an endless array of talents and hobbies.

This journey to become a published author began in early 2013 on a whim.  Many times over his life, Jandreau had started writing stories but never finished.  A Sour Chord was his journey to finish, self-publish and sell his book.

Writing has been a major part of his life for almost thirty years, going back to his pre-teen days when he’d write songs with any one of the bands he’d been in over the years.  Always a passion in his life, Jandreau finally took the steps to move forward and change his passion into something concrete instead of just something in his head.

Born and raised in New England, he currently lives in the suburbs West of Boston (in a wonderful town called Southborough) with his wife, Megan, and their toddler, Samantha.  He calls the cold winter streets home, and enjoys baking in the sun during the summers.

His day to day life consists of working a job at a large software company, running his own freelance web development company with some of his friends, and listening to anything Spotify will throw at him.

Updates? Yep! Sales? Sometimes. Spam? Never. Sell your info? Not a chance.

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