First Published: March 14, 2024

Good friends last a lifetime. Best friends last forever.

The book takes place over twenty years, as we follow Matt and Marty in the journey of their lives, loves, and their friendship.

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It’s the summer of 2003 in a small town, under the endless possibilities of clear blue skies. Two young men meet, weaving their destinies with an unbreakable thread. My Best Friend, Marty tells the tale of these kindred spirits as they navigate life’s highs and lows, showcasing the enduring strength of their friendship.

Against the ever-changing backdrop of the 21st century, the narrative unfolds over two decades, capturing the essence of Matt and Marty’s lasting bond. Get ready to step into the nostalgia of early 2000s pop culture and immerse yourself in the tumultuous waves of adulthood, all while building a life with your most trusted confidant by your side.

My Best Friend, Marty invites readers into a touching and relatable story of friendship, loyalty, and the power of shared experiences. It reminds us that genuine friendship can withstand the test of time regardless of the paths we choose. So, readers, embark on this journey and become entwined in the laughter, tears, and love emanating from each page. Witness the moments that ignite the magic of their connection.